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Yoni Massage in London

A yoni massage is a very particular type of massage. It is not like the usual massages that are given for relaxation only, and they are happy ending restricted. Yoni is an ancient word for the vagina which was translated as a sacred place. The receiver of this massage is the female, but the masseuse can either be a lady or a man. However, it is good to say that the massage is best given by a professional to achieve the primary goal of this massage. The aim of this massage is not only to give an orgasm or many, but it is also meant to massage the Yoni giving relaxation and pleasure at the same time. An orgasm is, however, most would probably say pretty much expected and enjoyable side effect of the massage.

When you reach an orgasm during the yoni massage, it will usually be a lot more satisfying and much intense than the ordinary orgasm. During a yoni massage, the woman should expect high arousal and sheer unadulterated pleasure from her Yoni. The partner giving the massage will also enjoy dominating the female partner in the right way. The receiver should relax and get comfortable for the massage. Before trying to do anything new, the masseuse should communicate with the receiver and ask if what they are doing is comfortable. If it is not the masseuse should stop.

Benefits of a Yoni Massage

A sensual yoni massage has a lot of benefits because it is a unique type of sensual massage. It can be used as a form of safe sex where the partners don’t need to perform the act of having sex. The lady is purely the receiver and the person giving the massage should not expect anything from the woman. It is also good because it enhances intimacy between two partners and creates a stronger bond of trust. The lady is giving herself freely to the other partner trusting them with her body and all her pleasure making it an excellent activity to help build trust and sexual confidence.

If a woman had a sexual block or trauma, the yoni massage is the first recommendation from the sex therapist. The first thing a professional yoni masseur will tell you is that there is no sex. The erotic massage therapist is there to give pleasure and relaxation to the recipient. He or she is not expecting anything in return from the recipient. There are clear intentions from the beginning for both the giver and the receiver.

If you and your partner are thinking of practicing a yoni massage once in a while, you should consult a massage therapist to learn a few basic techniques of the massage. It is important for the ladies to relieve all the bad experiences of sex and trauma from the yoni. This way, they can make a way for confidence and creativity in their lives. If you are a woman and you, feel that your sex life needs to get revived, try the yoni massage and you will not be disappointed. There is clear communication about sensation and boundaries during the massage and you have nothing to worry about. The primary aim of the massage is to make the woman feel honored, cherished and loved.

Ready for a Yoni Massage ?

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