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Erotic massages, sensual massages and tantric massages all use massage techniques to induce orgasm.

Erotic, sensual, and tantric masseuses can be quite sexual in energy and are “temptresses” but they are using and owning their sexual prowess with different intentions.

An erotic massage uses massage techniques to help the client reach sexual arousal or excitement and orgasm or deep relaxation. On the other hand, a tantric massage is a kind of massage that involves the use of sexual energy to obtain a higher state of well-being consciousness. A tantric massage can bless an individual with sacredness and sexual healing, enlightenment, and empowerment. It helps support the evolving of the relationship with your own sexuality, body, mind, and soul and in turn in turn evolve the relationships of love, intimacy, and sex that we share with others.

An erotic masseuse is usually dressed in kinky and seductive underwear or totally naked. The touch of their skin on the client’s skin helps the clients reach a level of lust. A tantric therapist on the other hand does not use his/her body as an object of desire, vision, or sex but uses the pure power of sexuality to bring forth awakening to the client. The masseuse can give a body to body massage as per client’s request and uses this to build a connection that can give satisfying physical and mental rewards. She gives more depth to sexual arousal and pleasure. With sexual energy, the client is able to get a rich sense of intimacy, honor, and bliss. The masseuse is intuitive and listens to the client’s heart, body, and soul to help see that there is more power to this longing than just a sexual inclination. The masseuse does not offer sexual services but instead acts as a guide in using one’s sexual energy in expanding one’s mind and body into moments of bliss.

The Massage Procedure

Anyone can perform an erotic massage while it takes a trained and experienced therapist who understands the physiology of the body and psychology of the mind and has developed a sensual touch through thorough knowledge and years of experience to perform a tantric massage.

Tantric massage incorporates the techniques used in Swedish and holistic massage with the spirituality and principles of the Tantra philosophy. It helps the mind achieve calmness through slow gentle rhythmic breathing techniques for stimulation of the nervous system and enhancement of the blood circulation for intensified physical sensitivity. The end goal of a tantric massage is to feel totally elated.

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