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Tantric Massage in London

Why to use us for Tantric Massage?

If an exotic and relaxing body-to-body, erotic massage sounds like something you would be interested in, go ahead and add it to the list of things you need. Tantric massages are one of our specialities and are available always from one of our exquisite, tantric goddesses. Each masseuse is thoroughly trained in the ancient art of tantric massage and has gone through a number of courses to receive their license to perform such an intricate massage as well as every other massages we offer, regardless of how simple of complex.

Our massage services are the most sought after in the whole of London, as we are a very discreet and professional set-up. Our tantric masseuses never disclose any details about you or your session to any outsider, not even the staff within our facility. Every single encounter is as discreet as the next, which means every interaction you have stays between you and your masseuse. No questions asked other than “how was your experience?” and “can we set you up with another appointment?” We are proud of the fact that we have achieved such discreteness as our services depend on the level of comfort we provide for our clients, inside and outside of our facility. We can guarantee you will always have peace of mind when it comes to using our facility for meeting your most sensual needs.

We offer all sorts of massages as well as a number of ways to receive them. Regardless of the amount of intimacy you want or where you want to receive one our massages, we have you covered. We offer in-call sessions in our massage studio. Our massage studio is a luxurious apartment in London with comfortable massage equipment, beautiful ambiance, and complete discreteness. Or, if it’s more comfortable for you, we can set you up with one of our outcall sessions to wherever you desire in London. We treat our outcalls with as much discreteness as our incalls.

The different types of massage we offer

  • Tantric Massage
  • Sensual Tantric Massage
  • Nuru Massage
  • Couple’s Massage
  • Yoni Massage

What our sessions can include

  • Breathing sessions
  • Nude massaging
  • Prostate Massage
  • Lingam Massage

Every massage that we offer uses sexual energy to bring you to a higher state of consciousness, meaning that we encourage positive relationships with sex and our bodies. Everyone that walks through our door is guaranteed a level of comfort you won’t find anywhere else regardless of your sexual past, body type, or belief system. We believe that everyone should be opened to the intense power of energies and how they can be utilized in order to reach sexual peaks, understand one’s own inner workings, create better relationships inside and outside of sexuality, clear one’s mind of stress and worry, and ultimately re-introduce one’s self to the energy they were born with, pure and filtered of any toxic energy that may be polluting the soul.

Our sensual massages are so wonderful that they teach you the art of utilizing energies involved in Love and Touch to reconnect your sexual energies and restore emotional harmony. Skin on skin contact has been proven to create closer bonds and create environments that are easier to relax and let go in. This is why we encourage this type of massage as a healing and rejuvenating experience rather than just a physical, “feel-good” type of activity. All types of energies may be released from your body, resulting in feeling like a new, refreshed person at the end of your session.

You’ll be caressed by our sensuous goddesses to such an extent that you’ll feel loved and experience extreme pleasure that will take you to a level that will feel almost electric. It is unfathomable and simply unexplainable.

To explain our method, all our massage sessions start with breathing and relaxing techniques. We always make use of aromatherapy, scented oils, and rose petals. The different scented oils have different triggers for your brain including relaxation, stimulation, and sexual arousal. You will always feel like you are transforming from one state of being to the next. We like to guide our clients effortlessly from one step to the next, thus the goddess you are working with that day will always help you to undress, guiding your from one headspace to the next. A cleansing session is also included where your temples, shoulders and neck are massaged while you relax in the mild warm water and enjoy the soft music.This allows you time to reflect and release any negative energy that may be polluting your body.

Our mausses will always start with slowly massaging you so that you get accustomed to her soft touch. Finally, she’ll move into the sensuous part, wherein you learn the techniques of prolonging ejaculation and things of that nature.

The pleasure doesn’t end there, however. The masseuse you choose will teach you how to utilize all your sexual energies and reach the peak of sexual pleasure and then control it just at the point of ejaculation. This is called delayed ejaculation, here the sexual pleasure you obtain is maximum and these tantric goddesses will teach you how to remain in this state of bliss for a longer period of time. You can take these techniques with you into your own personal and sexual relationships, turning every sexual interaction you have into a potential release for your sexual energy and a step toward a new healing. Such unique techniques are not taught anywhere except in a massage studio and ours’ is the best in line in London.

At the end of the session, you’ll not realize exactly what has unfolded, but the pleasure obtained is immense, and the best part is that the pleasure seems to linger on for days and months even after the session.

If you want to arrange a tantric massage in London make sure you get in touch with our team!