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Sensual Massage in London

Tantric Massage London has a wide array of massage services available to our clients ranging from the most simple of massages to the most physical, sensual, and mind-blowing experiences one could ask for.
Regardless of who you are and what ranks #1 on your list of priorities, Tantric Massage London has a package that will fill every need, or desire. One of the most popular forms of massage is the ever-so-gentle sensual massage that is known for its therapeutic nature and qualities. Like many of our tantra services, this will involve both the masseuse and the client free from the restrictions of their clothing for the duration of the service. With help from our goddesses, fingertips will run across your neck and down your spine only to eventually be accompanied by skin to skin contact from one of our beautiful masseuses. The erotic touches and strokes are sure to heighten your senses, allowing you take in every little detail of the sensual massage.

You’re guaranteed an experience that is both soothing and tantalizing, making your sensual massage an experience rather than a service. The sensual massage is known for its slow and teasing manner, allowing the pleasure in your body to build up and keep you on the edge for the duration of your massage session. This particular massage service takes place in London inside of our luxury apartment in Chelsea, West London. However, if you would like more privacy, discretion, or perhaps a bit more comfort in which your own home or hotel can provide you, the sensual massage is also available as an outcall service.

When an authentic, sensual massage in London is performed by one of our highly experienced masseuses, it becomes a way to not just to awaken the sexual deviant deep inside of you, allowing yourself powerful sexual pleasure, but many claim that this type of sensual massage really digs deep into their core, allowing a new level of comfort and ease that makes it that much easier to achieve an inner awakening, leaving one feeling motivated, resolved, and in some cases even empowered.

If you have any hesitations regarding whether or not a sensual massage is for you, have no fear. You’re not alone. It takes a certain level of trust, understanding, and open-mindedness to take part in a massage that is outside of the status quo. Know now that there is nothing wrong with feeling out of place or even nervous at first. Know that our masseuses are well equipped with the emotional and physical knowledge to help our clients transition from one activity to the next. Our masseuses always make sure that any clients that are feeling uneasy about this massage, often those that have never had a sensual or nude massage before, are at ease as soon as you arrive so that you are able to receive the maximum pleasure and benefits from this intimate type of therapy.

Not only will you leave us fulfilled and full of inner happiness after your massage session, but you will also feel as if your batteries have totally recharged, leaving you a refreshed person prepared to take on the stresses of your everyday life.

You wish to have an outcall Sensual Massage?

Though our primary business is held through incalls at our very discreet and luxury apartment in Chelsea, West London, we do also offer outcalls, whether it be to a hotel or your home, to our clients who find it more convenient or comfortable to be taken care of by one of our beautiful masseuses in a more private, familiar environment. We are more than happy to receive your call for an outcall at any time and can often get a masseuse to you in even the shortest of notices.

For our clients that are feeling a bit more adventurous, we also offer a four hands sensual massage as an outcall service. This particular massage is guaranteed double the pleasure in the same amount of time. Give us a call to find out the details that may just leave you aching for more immediately.

Reasons to use our Sensual services

Sensual massages have been used for years throughout a number of cultures for many, many reasons, whether it heightened awareness, relaxation, physical therapy, or in a lot of cases, the enhancement or achievement of sexual arousal.

Some of the reasons for sensual massage and their benefits include:

Experience pleasure: Pleasure is received in many forms– another piece of chocolate, the first sip of wine, or in this case, the feeling of a warm body pressed against yours, allowing your body to unwind and cleanse itself of everyday hurt and worries. When attending a sensual massage session, you are almost guaranteed to experience relaxed muscles, spiritual and emotional balance. Most of the time during the session, sexual arousal will be so intense that you will be able to achieve an orgasm, helping with the renewing and replenishing of your sexual energy. This achievement can do a number of things including give you more stamina in your personal sexual relationships, leave you feeling renewed for clarity in decision making, or most importantly, leave you feeling satisfied, drained of all negative energy pertaining to your sex life.

Fight stress: Every single massage is implemented to help clients deal with stress, but sensual massage takes it a notch higher, doing more than simply relaxing your body. Sensual massage focuses on the general health and wellbeing of a person, which includes lowering your stress levels and re-energizing your body. All of these little ways of slipping into a more relaxed state can be used as tools in the future to help one cope with the stresses of every day or navigate one to realign their thoughts and feelings, ultimately resulting in a realignment of one’s who spiritual life.

Other benefits of sensual or erotic massage include:

  • Improves social interactions through improved mood
  • Regulates blood flow in the body
  • Strengthens couples’ relationships
  • Promotes fertility in men and women
  • Treats psychological disorders including anxiety
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Good for the heart and other body organs through improved circulation

To make a booking for your sensual massage in London at either our Central London massage studio or via our outcall massage service, call on 07580 360 164.