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Some Great Reasons to Use us for Lingam Massage

Lingam is a Sanskrit word meaning “a symbol of divine generative energy from phallic object worshipped by Shiva in Hindu religion.” The massage is categorised under adult massage where the masseuse, use spiritual and affectionate approach to bring stress relief and relaxation from any tension that had developed in the body. The roots of this massage can be traced back for centuries and it continues to grow in popularity.

Most people are still to understand what lingam massage is. One misconception is that it’s a massage where the male client is hurriedly aroused and brought to climax. The truth is, lingam massage is an art of human connection by seductive touch creating a space of sexual being rather than just sexual doingThe goal is not climax, though it’s a pleasant and a welcomed effect. It involves massage of the testicles, prostrate, perineum and penis of the client giving satisfaction and unique pleasure.

So among all other types of massages, why choose lingam massage? When done by a skilled massotherapist, lingam massage brings with it a lot of benefits. Here is a quick look at some of the benefits.

Health benefits

Improved blood circulation

As you may already know, lingam massage involves massage of male genitalia. Such a massage improves blood circulation to this organ which attributes to better arousals.

Healing premature ejaculation

Involves massage of the perineum. In this region, there lie muscles which help to control ejaculation. A slight push on this area help one to relax and at the same time strengthen the p-muscles which prolong erection and builds up an intense orgasm. When done repeatedly, the sexual stamina improves healing premature ejaculation.

Reduce stress, depression and pain

There is a myriad of reasons why men get stressed or depressed. Such a body status lead to head aches and pain in various regions. Lingam massage starts at the neck, then shoulders, nipples, belly, things, legs and lastly to the sexual organ. Such a massage improve body blood circulation. Together with deep breaths, the final intense orgasm helps the brain to release feel good hormones reducing stress and depression.

Sexual pleasure

As the masseuse continue to cover every nook and cranny of the client, there is stimulation of enormous sexual pleasure. With skills, the sacred organ is massaged resulting to a prolonged and intense happy ending.

What Else does the Lingam Massage Involve?

Lingam massage involves a lot of skin touching. This improves sensitivity and deep human connection.

Attending a lingam massage is also a great way of achieving man’s much-needed privacy considering it’s done with high level of profession. The man lies on his back with a pillow placed under his hip and legs open for a fully exposed lingam. Another pillow is placed on the man’s hand to maintain a visual contact with the masseuse.

From there, the masseuse works on the client’s body alternating hands, speed and pressure. Men who have ever experienced the massage say it unlocks new pleasure points that they never knew before. They vow to continue getting such “heavenly” pleasure throughout their life.