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Mutual Massage in London

We all find ourselves getting stressed after a long day of work. To release all this pressure and stress, a massage is the best therapy. There are different kinds of massage, and they are all meant for different purposes. However, all these types of erotic massage offer one thing in common, and that is relaxation. You will find out that after any massage, you feel relaxed and stress-free. A massage is mostly named by the way it is done or what the aim of the massage is. For example, a mutual massage is called this because the partners often offer the massage to each other. Therefore, the feeling at the end of the massage is mutual.

A mutual massage usually takes longer than the other types of massage. Reason being that the masseuse will at a point be the one receiving the massage and vice versa. The minimum time a mutual massage can take is one hour. A mutual massage is meant to arouse feelings. If you are receiving a mutual massage as a client, this is your chance to master the art of it. This way, you can do it with your partner and give them the feeling of a lifetime. Each and every massage has its specific benefits apart from the general relaxation and releasing stress benefits.

A mutual massage can be used to arouse feelings between partners. This is a form of therapy that is even recommended by doctors. When a couple wants to revive their sex life, this is one type of sensual massage that the therapist will most likely recommend. It is good for the couple to consult a massage therapist to avoid attacking each other’s erogenous zone. This massage should focus on other body areas as well before going to the erogenous zones. This ensures that both the masseuse and the person receiving the massage are comfortable.

The mutual massage is a good tension reliever. Maybe your work requires you to strain your body for a while. At the end of the day, you will feel some of the tension still in your body even after you take a shower. Consider having a mutual massage to release all this tension. The masseuse will concentrate on the body areas where you feel the tension, for example, the neck, back and the shoulders or the muscles. After the massage, you will feel the tension has been relieved, and when you turn to give the massage, in turn, you will feel even better.

The preparation

Before you embark on a mutual massage, communicate with your partner and make them feel comfortable first. Communication is the key to a successful this massage. During the sexy massage, for example, ask your partner if they are comfortable with what you are doing or about to do. Let your partner have an idea of what kind of  massage you prefer and what might make you uncomfortable. In a mutual massage, you can do whatever you feel like doing so long as the other partner is comfortable with it. Try and learn a few basic techniques of a mutual massage before you take the adventure.

Benefits of a Mutual Massage

A mutual massage gives the client a chance to hone and improve his or her massage skills, this has many benefits such as:

  • Puts the masseuse and client on more of a level playing field as they are able to pleasure each other mutually
  • Is a great way for a client to try some new massage techniques which can be used a a later date with his or her partner
  • Helps to build trust and connection between masseuses and clients
  • Helps to improve confidence in the client by learning new skills
  • Can help with self-esteem issues

Many of our clients love the mutual massage experience and this can be seen from how many keep coming back for this magical experience with us in Paddington West London and outcall massage in central London.