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Lingam Massage in London

A lingam massage is a massage like no other. Lingam is a term for penis in the ancient Indian language. This should give you a big clue of what is a lingam massage and what it is all about. The main aim of a lingam massage is not ejaculation, but you wont hear many complain about this end result! It is not forbidden to ejaculate during the massage, but this is not the aim of the massage. A lingam massage is in no way an erotic massage. The objective of a lingam massage is to massage the Lingam and the testicles externally. This allows the man to surrender and receive a form of pleasure that he is not used to. The receiver and the giver should be able to connect through this erotic massage therapy. The man should be able to relax and receive. Giving the other partner full control of his body can go a long way in building trust between the two.

You can receive a lingam massage whether you are in a relationship or not. If you are not in a relationship, you can book a massage with a professional masseuse. This tantric style massage is meant to stimulate and arouse your sexual feelings. However, it is not only about satisfying your lust, but it is also meant for personal evolution as a human being.

This sensual massage can help connect two partners in an amazing way. Communication is the key to a successful lingam massage. The man has to be comfortable during the massage as well as the masseuse. If you are straining your body, the man will notice, and you will not have a real connection. This is a massage that should build trust between the two partners. The man is giving full control to the other partner, and the other partner is giving real pleasure to him. This ultimately creates a good bond if it is successful. The masseuse should choose a comfortable position before starting the massage like between his legs while the man lies on his back.

Benefits of Lingam Massage

The lingam massage in London has some unique benefits as compared to the other types of massage. Some of these benefits are:

  1. Awesome sexual pleasure
  2. Many report an improvement sexual energy or stamina
  3. It is said to aid in combating premature ejaculation
  4. Connection between two partners
  5. Contribute to reducing stress, pain, and depression
  6. Improved ejaculatory control for most people
  7. Blood circulation benefits to the Lingam area

A lingam massage helps you feel more in both a spiritual and emotional way. The massage will help you feel free and let go of all the pressure and stress. You will only have to concentrate on what you feel during the massage and let your acres drift away. Every time you try anything new, make sure you communicate and ask him how he feels. This will create a bond of trust as the man is surrendering his power to you. Remember, the lingam is a very sensitive organ. You don’t want to make it even a bit painful or it will ruin the whole experience.