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Incall Massage in London

Incall Massage – London is renowned for the Tower of London, Big Ben, and the London Eye, with Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace adding a royal twist to its tourist attractions. Also host to some of the biggest sporting events in the world, you could easily find yourself a frequent visitor to this bustling city.

Whether you live in London or whether you’re there for work or play, add an extra element of fun by booking an incall massage.

Why to choose an Incall Massage service

It’s usually when you’re under pressure that you most need release, but that is also when your time is most limited. That’s what makes a sensual incall massage the perfect pamper. Convenient and discreet, you simply book a time and incall massage parlour that’s convenient for you, and arrive on time.

What to expect from an Incall Massage

It’s natural for you to be nervous if it’s your first time. Rest assured, an incall massage parlour has been designed specifically for you in mind. Calming music and aromatic smells that arouse the senses and a welcoming hostess will soon have you feeling at ease.

A good way to keep calm is to practice deep breathing. Awareness of your breath not only settles the nerves, it also brings your awareness to the present moment.

When you’re present in the moment, all worldly worries melt away and you totally immerse yourself into the sensual massage experience. You’ll feel every touch, smell every aroma, hear every sound, and be open to the intense pleasure of your massage therapists’ skilled hands all over your body.

Common Massage therapies with us

Booking an incall massage is like choosing your favourite meal from a menu of pleasure.

  1. Hands only Nude Massage
    If you’re tentative about your first incall massage, a good way to feel the waters is by booking a hands only nude massage. This is a gentle massage where your masseuse skillfully caresses your body with her hands from top to bottom.
  2. Body to Body Massage
    Instead of using only her hands, your masseuse uses her entire body to provide you with an erotic, skin on skin massage experience.
  3. Yoni Massage
    This massage is for the ladies. Your “yoni”, which is Sanskrit for “sacred place” is the object of worship in a yoni massage.
  4. Lingam Massage
    During a lingam massage, your masseuse will worship your penis like you are the god and she is the goddess.
  5. Four Hands Massage
    As if a hands-only massage isn’t sublime enough, image two pairs of hands caressing your body for the ultimate experience in sensuality.
  6. Nuru Massage
    Add some naughtiness with a Nuru massage. With you and your masseuse covered in Nuru gel, you’re enjoy a body to body massage in which you slip and slide your naked bodies against each other.

The next step

Decide on a day, time and location for your incall massage and make a telephone booking. If you’re uncertain about which option to choose, discreetly discuss your needs and helpful staff will find the best fit.