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Erotic Massage is basically a sensuous massage wherein both the masseuse of your choice and yourself will be nude

The touch of the naked body of our goddess will blow your mind and awaken all your sleeping senses and make you aware of your surroundings. It’ll teach you to appreciate the nice-feeling feminine touch and take you to a whole new world of immense pleasure and extreme happiness. All your nerves are awakened by the smoldering touch of our exquisite goddesses and you’ll find yourself in a state of bliss for a long time to come.

Pre-booking is a must for all sessions, be it even of a few hours, as then only it’s possible to prepare the room for you. Even the mats put on the floor vary according to the size of the person; we customize everything as per your whims and fancies. Our goddesses are taught to surrender to you, you are the boss, but maybe during the actual massage session she may over-ride you, as she wants to teach you different techniques, which in turn bring extreme pleasure to you like prolonged ejaculation, the art of enjoying sexual intercourse better with your partner etc. You might have not even been aware that such a thing was possible.

The room will be dimly lit and a soft music will be playing in the background, everything is set before your arrival, so that no time is wasted once you arrive. We offer erotic massage sessions as outcall too, but that too needs preparations. Our tantric goddesses need to get their clothing and the materials required for the massage like the rose petals, aromatic oils etc. ready, even for an outcall massage session.

If you are apprehensive about what will unfold, if it’s your first time, you needn’t be, as all our masseuses are sweet little darlings. We take them after a lot of interrogations and interviewing sessions, so there’s nothing to worry. They are quite polite and humble and apt at the art of making you feel comfortable.

So do not waste another minute! Check out our london erotic massage page and our gallery of stunning masseuses and you are bound to be spoilt for choices, as each of our masseuses is explicit and enchanting and will win you over!